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HPF Minerals LTD. is an industry leader in High Performance Fillers. Established in July of 2016 in Seoul, South Korea, HPF Minerals provides a wide range of products based on different mineral raw materials. The offered High Performance Fillers are used in polymer applications which include paints & coatings and plastics & elastomers, as well as pharmaceutical and dental applications. As a subsidiary of the Germany-based QUARZWERKE GROUP, we serve as a trading hub for High Performance Fillers to the entire Asian-Pacific region. We take pride in providing the most top-quality products with a superior level of service.


Polymers are used in many areas of our everyday life. The use of our raw materials is extremely versatile and ranges from the additive to the High Performance Filler. HPF Minerals is the ideal partner of the industry, particularly due to the constant high quality of our products. Our innovative strength as well as continuous research and development of new processes for the refinement of different minerals is an important aspect of our activities. Please contact us and benefit from an experienced and innovative partner.
We are sure to find the best mineral solution for your polymer application.
Synthetic Corundum : Sepasil
Wallastonite : Tremin
Feldspar : Microspar
Anhydrite : Trefil
Cristobalite : Silbond, Slimikron, Sikron, Sibelite
Mica : Tremica, Mica, Trefil, Aspolit
Quartz : Slimkron
Kaolin : Kaolin