About Us :

Engineering & Chemical (India) Pvt. Ltd. – also known as ECIPL is an independent, 100 % privately owned, chemical distribution and marketing company established in 1967. We are situated in Mumbai which is financial capital of India and is also closely connected to its main logistics hubs where we store our goods.

Our core business is to offer our customers products and solutions in an environmentally safe, efficient and competitive way. Engineering & Chemical brings you a selected range of speciality raw materials mainly catering to PICA ( Paints , Inks , Coatings and Adhesive ) Industry.

ECIPL has created unique partnerships with some of the world's speciality chemical producers. The company bridges the gap between producers and Indian consumers, bringing both availability and immediate product support.

All of our suppliers are industry leaders that have partnered with ECIPL to provide the premier value products expected and demanded in our marketplace.

This assure our mutual customers of their on-going success and growth.

Our sustainable business success will be governed by the satisfaction of our clients and our principals. To that end, we shall endeavor to serve with integrity, honesty, sincerity and hard work.