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Established in 1995 with challenging spirit to the future, KEUMJUNG has the continuously explored new chemistries and innovative application techniques and accumulated a lot of experience and technology for paint industry. Our key business involves raw material for a surface technology, where we aim to provide innovative solutions to paints. Innovative solutions at KEUMJUNG is closely linked to the current and future needs of our customers. It means that we see our innovations not only as the essential prerequisite for the long-term business success of our company, but also as a main factor in our successful entry into global.

Our all products and services are for the preparation of better surface appearances, to enhance and beautify our environment. Protecting the world’s natural resources is becoming our primary responsibilities. KEUMJUNG try to develop the sustainable production processes, conserve our natural resources, protect our life and minimize the burden on the environment. We also believe that safety and health in the workplace take priority over economic concerns.

KEUMJUNG operate a wide range of quality assurance program including raw material testing, instrumental calibration, in-process control, final inspection, packaging and delivery in our work processes. In order to satisfy or optimizethe requirements of our customers, we will continue to make our utmost effort with continuous rovement and innovation of product qualities.